Only truth comes from the Spirit World, but mediums may make mistakes

Only truth comes from the Spirit World, but mediums may make mistakes

By Richard Rowley

The recent dramatic escape of three abducted young ladies from the 10-year captivity by a fifty-year-old Cleveland, Ohio resident, point outs how mediumship cannot always be brought to help in current incidents, and it is not meant to. We have a police force, and other rescue and social services to look after these matters.. Sometimes psychics can help the police locate missing persons, but they cannot always know if the victims are dead or alive.

In a couple of unrelated cases in the past, medium Sylvia Browne said that the abductees in question were dead, and described where their bodies could be found. They later turned up, alive.

Arthur Ford back in 1969 gave a reading saying that Bishop Pike, missing several days in the desert between Israel and Jordon, was still alive. However, medium Ena Twigg five days earlier had brought through the spirit of the bishop, indicating that he was lost, in distress and had already passed over, which was true.
In wartime mediums have sometimes said to sitters that their sons were still alive, in order to give some consolation, when in fact they had already been killed in action. Conversely, others were said to be dead, when they later returned home, alive.

This only shows that mediums must not give their sitters what they want to hear, nor be emphatic about definite news they think they have received from the Spirit World. It is better to keep quiet, than to give false or unsubstantiated information.

The best a medium can do is share some general Spiritualist philosophy with sitters who are searching for news of a missing person, and bring though messages from the other side, – not necessarily with news of the missing person, and allowing any evidential messages to come through, from any source, and not give false information to try to console or reassure the sitters. There is no death, we shall all survive, and if we, and they, wish, we will meet our loved ones again.

It seems to me that Spiritualism and Spiritism, along with existential metapsychiatry, and modern Hawaiian Ho-oponopono are the only paths open to the reality of the Spirit World, leading to an understading of what really is. Other religions, ecumenical movements, transpersonal psychology and even comparative religion and the traditional psychological and psychiatric schools of thought only lead more deeply into their closed systems of theory and belief. They form their beliefs, principles and theories and then close their minds to all further advances and alternatives. This leads to all our disputes and wars between faiths, cultures and nations.

However, it is easier for Spiritualists to have dialogue with scientists than with religious people. Scientists are also looking for the truth after proper investigation, and do not rely on faith alone. Spiritualist mediums provide the evidence, giving us hard facts about survival.

Some scientists do see beyond the appearances of everyday material life. Indeed, some of the first modern Spiritualists were themselves dedicated scientists. William Crookes and Oliver Lodge, for example, were pioneer scientists, providing us with the initial discoveries and inventions leading to our modern communications technology, wireless, television, satellites, computers and the internet. Some present-day scientists are investigating the “non-local mind” and the positive effects of prayer and thought in healing, and the states of consciousness which cause disease.
There is no mystery in all this. The Spirit World is here around us, is watching us, and helping us whenever they can.

In his six novels Dan Brown writes dramatically about secrets, codes, symbols and mysteries. But what Spiritualism and mediums are revealing is no longer a mystery, but the plain truth, which however, is more marvellous than any fictional saga or the magical happenings surrounding Harry Potter.

Ours are no longer mystic arts, but matters of fact. Spirits communicate and say who they are and establish their former identity, name, address and describe incidents, places and objects from the past as well as knowing what we are doing in the present. There is no mystery here, except in their way of life now, on a higher plane or frequency of existence, and the means by which their greater consciousness is able to reach us.


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