Split Incarnations and Parallel Lives Part 2

Split Incarnations and Parallel Lives Part 2

By Stephanie Bell

In the second of a two-part article on Split Incarnations and Parallel Lives, Stephanie Bell, Past Life Regression Therapist and QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Healing) Practitioner discusses a case where the Higher Self of a client allowed the client to see life in a very unusual way.

The part I love best about working in past life regression is working with the unknown and being excited by it. Although I spend a great deal of time with every client prior to the session, interviewing them, asking them questions about every aspect of their current life, I never know what the client’s Higher Self has in store for us, and I always find it just as fascinating to hear the what the client’s Higher Self has to say as the client does.

You can read part 1 here

A ‘textbook’ QHHT session generally has a client go back to one or perhaps two complete past lives, which I take the time to explore as completely as possible before I speak with the Higher Self and to ask the questions that the client has instructed me to ask on their behalf.

On this particular occasion, however, both the client, who I will call ‘Jennifer’ and I were in for a surprise, but these are my favourite kinds of sessions.

During our pre-session interview, Jennifer told me about many of the details of her life up until that point. It soon became obvious that the reason why she had come to see me was to get some answers on her relationship with her husband, with whom she has two children that she loves.

There were many issues in the marriage and Jennifer was wondering whether she should stay in the marriage or leave. Either option was going to cause problems and Jennifer felt that she needed the advice of her own Soul, the part of her not easily accessed without the kind of help that a hypnotherapist specialising in this type of regression.

On rare occasions, I have had clients go forward into what appears to be possible future lifetimes, as well as into other dimensions and lives on different planets. So I was curious when Jennifer found herself in a modern city, which appeared to be in the U.S. She was a young woman, happy and in a job she loved. She was married to a man who loved her and was expecting a baby. She found herself looking at a part of this young woman’s lifetime, anticipating a meeting with her husband. She took a taxi to meet him and things began change. The taxi driver didn’t take her to where she had asked to go. Instead he took her somewhere completely different, assaulted her and murdered her.

During Jennifer’s regression, she became very emotional, clearly reliving events which were very real to her. She has not, in this lifetime experienced anything of this kind, nor has she visited the U.S.

After we took her through that lifetime, I began to speak with Jennifer’s Higher Self. The Higher Self confirmed that what we had just seen was what we call a parallel life, or in other words, Jennifer’s soul in two completely different bodies, at similar times. The taxi driver, who Jennifer had described as being overweight, was another aspect of Jennifer’s current husband, who also suffers from weight issues.

I was shocked at what the Higher Self told me next. I asked the Higher Self to tell me why Jennifer found herself married to the same Soul as someone who had killed her. The answer was that Jennifer was to learn forgiveness and crucially, to teach the husband’s soul about love. The Higher Self acknowledged her difficulty with remaining married to her husband and thanked her for agreeing to do so, as part of her Soul’s plan.

There are many such cases. Very often, we agree to be paired with souls who need help and if we can help such a soul, we do it, because at the Soul level, we can see a greater plan, a far different perspective, than the far narrower view we get from one particular lifetime. We can see that in the scheme of things, one lifetime that is harsh and difficult for us but that is helpful to another Soul is worth having, even though we know prior to incarnating that it will be painful.

It’s important to say here that there was no suggestion that the murder that took place was in any way karmic between Jennifer’s Soul and the taxi driver/husband’s soul. In other words, asking Jennifer to learn forgiveness was not, in this case any kind of ‘pay back’ for ‘wrong doing’ on her part. It’s simply a lesson that all of us need to learn in order to complete our assignments here on Earth.

It’s very likely that Jennifer, who is a very loving and compassionate Soul, has been with the taxi driver/husband at other times, as very often we spend many lifetimes with other Souls with a particular energetic frequency and we agree to work with them until we have completed our work together.

Jennifer’s story stands out for me as a great example of why we incarnate in many different bodies at once. Of course, she is not the only one who I have experienced this with. Another man, who is a plumber in this lifetime, wished to know what his life’s purpose was. He went to a parallel lifetime on another planet where he was taking care of a vast a beautiful body of what looked like water, alongside of his ‘mate soul’ who is not incarnate on the Earth with him, and he has subconsciously been searching for her his entire life. A woman came to see me who has a parallel life as a fairy in Ireland. It was truly beautiful to see life from the perspective of one of these magical creatures, whose consciousness is so very different from that of humans. We saw how the fairies do indeed take care of the Earth and love it in a way that is rare for humans.

Although our session did help Jennifer to understand her mission in this lifetime, I’m very sad to say that her situation continues to be painful and difficult for her. While we are able to uncover the purpose for a particular lifetime through regression, and it can help is to rationalize and explain things, ultimately, we are human, with human emotions, no matter how loving and noble our intentions may have been prior to agreeing to take on a difficult assignment.

I wish to thank Jennifer for allowing me to share her story. Both Jennifer and I hope that this story helps others to understand the deep, rich complexity of the work of the Soul. Every one of us is from the same Source, expressing the magnificence of their individual Souls through infinite possible journeys on our way back to Oneness.

Stephanie will be speaking at the First Annual Past Life Regression Convention in Marlborough, Wiltshire, on March 9 2014. More info http://oneuniversalmind.co.uk/upcoming-events/


Stephanie is a journalist, teacher and Past Life Regression Therapist trained by Dolores Cannon in Quantum Healing Technique TM, as well as with Doreen Virtue as an Angel Intuitive.

She lives and work in Wiltshire UK, regularly seeing clients who travel from all over Europe and the UK to have a Regression with me, as well as travelling to other countries in Europe to give Regressions there.

Over several years she has extensively researched and documented all aspects of Past life Regression and Reincarnation and I now teach about some of her discoveries in Workshops and at Conferences.

In 2012, Stephanie was a Speaker at Ozark Mountain Publishing’s Transformation Conference in London, where she spoke about Slavery and Human Trafficking and the effects on the Divine Feminine and Our Earth from the perspective of Karma and Reincarnation.

In 2011, she was a Speaker at ‘The Big Shift’ alongside Dolores Cannon and Hazel Newton in London, where she spoke about Forgiveness in terms of identifying our Soul Intentions and moving out of the cycle of Karma and into your Dharma.

Stephanie also worked alongside Dolores Cannon and Ozark Mountain Publishing as marketing and Public Relations manager from 2011 – 2012.

Originally from Australia, Stephanie has since lived in 5 different countries, travelled through many others, but felt called to make the UK my home, with my husband and our three children several years ago.

You can read part 1 here


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