Psychometry – something we can ALL try

Psychometry – something we can ALL try

By Shane Frost

Here’s something EVERY one can try. We are ALL psychic right? You know, you walk into a room and maybe sense tension or feel there’s been an argument there? Maybe you have been somewhere where you feel everything feels AMAZING and lovely but you’re not really sure why?

These feelings are received with our PSYCHIC senses and this isn’t just limited to a few trained people, we can ALL do this. EVERYONE has psychic abilities and with a few simple steps and some practice these psychic abilities can be fine-tuned and improved upon.

The key to this exercise is to trust what you get. The building on the information comes later but for now we are just attempting to work with items or photographs with an intention to notice a feeling, thought or image associated with that item. It’s good to make notes so that you can at a later date see if a pattern develops or whether your accuracy is improving as would be expected in anything you practice more. If you are working with a friend get them to make the notes for you.

So how do we go about this?

Really there isn’t much required. The main faculties you need to work in this way are ALREADY built into us all however when we start out we need to know we are “getting it” so it’s better initially to work with an item that someone else provides while they are present so they can discuss the information you obtain. It’s quite safe to practice this on your own but having that confirmation from another is always reassuring.

Find a place where you won’t be interrupted and turn off all phones or place them on silent.
Sit and relax and take a few comfortable breaths to still your mind.
Rest your hands in your lap with your palms upwards and close your eyes.
Keeping your eyes shut ask a friend to place an item in your hands.
Bring your awarness to that item for this isn’t about linking with an external influence at present. This is about using your own skills.
As images or thoughts, feelings or words enter your awareness say them but don’t worry about attempting to interpret any reasons or meanings behind them yet, this will happen later as you become more adept at working this way. just say what you see, hear, or feel as you hold the item.
Some images and thoughts may be vague, some may be particularly clear, don’t differentiate, for now just say them all and don’t worry about saying something that may to you feel “silly”. I have found over the years the most abstract and strangest images I’ve received have proven to be the most important to the person the information is passed onto so just go with it and say it.

Don’t worry too much about your rate of accuracy especially when you first attempt this. We sometimes find things we see so clearly aren’t understood by the person we are providing the information to.

I remember a time I was sitting with a lady in a group and had been given a small gold ring to work with. I kept seeing cliffs behind me and ships going by in front of me. This was as clear as if I had been in a deck chair in the actual place yet couldn’t be understood by the recipient. Discussing this over a coffee afterwards the lady told me that she really couldn’t understand the information however she didn’t know all the history of the ring as it had been found on a beach!

Describe the impressions that come into your mind but do not cling to them and don’t try to control them. Go on, have a try, you may find you surprise yourself!

The most unexpected images are quite often likely to be the most meaningful.

Be prepared that the person may not know the information you are giving them even though you are SURE that you are right.

Most of all ENJOY the work and the practice! SMILE, we’re in this to ENJOY it!

EXPERIMENT, what’s to say that the way I work is correct for you?

Feel free to get in touch and let me know how you get on. Psychometry is one of my favourites. If you have had some fascinating results and don’t mind me sharing them please let me know. It’s a simple yet rewarding subject enjoyed by so many when they start their development and so many people I talk to have had many wonderful results often not finding out until later the significance of the information they become aware of.

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