Life as a Ghost

Life as a Ghost

By Bruce Darwill

How could you possibly imagine what life would be like as an earth bound ghost or a lost soul? If you have had a near death experience or a prolonged out of body experience you may get an idea of what it is like to suddenly enter a world where you are alone and whilst you can see people around you there is no way to communicate.

In this state you may not realize that you are actually dead and carry on as before. If you were an elderly person living alone then life may be pretty much the same before you died. Things may change every now and then and you may wonder where these new people came from who are also living in the same house as you. You may resent their presence and try to persuade them to leave. Nobody can see or hear you. But wait, one of the members of the family can sense you. They can sense your frustration, shock and misery. You never did all the things you wanted to do and now you are stuck alone in this strange place that seems like a never ending dream.

Maybe you died suddenly or were a victim of a horrible crime. You may want to stay to see justice done. So you find the person or people who wronged you. Perhaps you do realize what has happened and are shocked. This isn’t what they told you would happen?

Perhaps you died and have taken up residence in someone else’s body and consciousness. You’d be surprised how many exorcisms (or correctly spirit releases) are from dead people rather than the demonic or other entities.

One day a group of strangers enter the house. They carry strange equipment and sensors which they place around the house an in your favorite rooms where you spend most of your time. They stay there all night looking at their monitors hoping to see something interesting. A couple of days later they leave and you are somewhat agitated by their presence. Your feelings towards the family in the house become negative.

Months later you notice somebody else talking. They are talking to you. How can this be? Are they also dead? Maybe they can help you or maybe they want something from you. They identify themselves as a priest and are threatening you with words of redemption and casting out devils. After they have finished you become very annoyed with the family who live in your house. Your anger is felt everywhere and you take it out on the most sensitive members of the family.

When you have just given up hope a voice speaks softly to you. This time it feels different. This person is offering to help you. They feel genuine and loving. Something you haven’t experienced in a long time. Soon they bring people who you know or angels to take you to a better life. Thank you. Thank goodness there is kindness still left in the world.

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  • Jennifer McGuire

    that was amazing writing its nice to know other people think instead of attack. they always think spirits are evil. They dont understand the trance

  • chantael

    There have been some wierd things happening to me since my bf passed away… I have recieved messages from him, lots, but now usually when im laying down in my room in the dark I can hear voices.. one word dialog usually, almost a whisper but not quite and when the lights are out, it almost feels like theres someone right in my face… I ask not to be scared and so far I havent been, but id really like to know whats going on with me…. I also feel energy very easily. If its bad energy it can get so bad that it feels like my chest is being pushed on… which is why I spend alot of time alone. I feel other peoples emotions and sometimes they arent the ones I want to feel… do I sound crazy? I think I sound pretty crazy…

    • Kalyan Ramu

      As a hindu I can tell you. Please do not entertain spirits. It is not because they are bad. Just because you will be blocking their own advance to Upper Worlds if you keep entertaining them here. Actually you boy friend must now move on . Please marry another man and who know your boy friend may be happy seeing you are happy and move on. He too may find a new mother! This is a chakra” a wheel that goes on. You should not sit in dark but you should be sitting in light , under the Sun.

      • chantael twain

        Its not that im entertaining spirits I cant help it if they make them selves known. And these messages ive gotten have saved my life. You dont know real pain until you lose someone that close to you. They know when we need them were not keeping them from happiness by talking to them like they havent left. We have a bond that will never be broken we ddnt need marriage to know that. Ive known him since I was 18. Im 26 now, you have no idea how hard it is to let that go. so telling me to marry another man and just let him go completely isnt even an option. I never once said I was unhappy n sitting in the dark. My lifes great right now. And yes I keep his memory alive. I know hes there and im comfortable with that. Hes welcome to stop by anytime he wants so I apologize if I dont agree with your beliefs, I just have my own.

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