Developing Clairsentience and the importance of knowing your own energy

Developing Clairsentience and the importance of knowing your own energy

By Shane Frost

Happy easter to you all – One of the things any of those sitting in development groups at mine will tell you I emphasise time and time again is the importance of knowing how our OWN energy feels around us before we start connecting with the Spirit World. How can we notice changes being attempted by the spirit world if we don’t have an in depth knowledge of the feeling of the energy that is us?

A large percentage of the information received in our Mediumship is received with our clear SENSING or “Clairsentience”.

How will we be able to notice those very subtle changes the spirit world attempt to impress upon us without being able to decipher what is us and what is not?

The more familiar we become with our own energy signature the easier it becomes to notice any change and we know that some of the most important evidence the Spirit World attempts to impress on us can be the most subtle and hardest to spot.

Having a good knowledge of how the energy around us feels PRIOR to connecting with an external influence enables us over time to notice any variance with increasing ease but don’t expect this to come overnight! Like anything we do, the more we practice the more accomplished we become.

One of the simplest ways to consider this is to approach it in the same way we approached those spot the difference puzzles many of us did when we were children. You know the ones, two pictures printed next to each other with a number of changes we have to notice and draw rings around.

We can consider the original drawing as being a representation of self and our base knowledge of our own energy around us. At first glance we form an impression and very quickly can describe it to another yet there will be parts we won’t remember and areas that we have no recollection of. The more we study the more familiar it becomes and more detail can be remembered.

The longer we sit and grow to recognise the image and the more attention we devote to all the details therein the easier it becomes to describe to another and the more we KNOW it the easier it becomes to work with a similar image with a number of differences.

The image with the differences could represents a connection with a spirit visitor or loved one. The core elements are very similar to our self as Spirit are working by drawing close to our energy signature and are attempting to impress information around us that we can notice. There are of course similarities between both images for some elements remain the same ie US and this symbolises the changes being made around us in ways we become aware of.

It’s much easier of course to work with the images shown above as we are using our physical sense of sight but it really isn’t that much different when we move into working with our sensing. The more we know SELF the much easier it becomes to notice areas that are changing. Once we are aware of a feeling or area that draws our attention the opportunities arise to then start moving into the information that change carries in order to provide FACTS about the person connecting from the Spirit World. We can find out why that area feels different and relay this to the sitter.

As children we started with simple spot the difference puzzles with large easy to notice differences and gradually worked up to more challenging ones where the differences were harder to notice and I think this again is a good analogy of how our clairsentience unfolds. That early BIG information being for example GENDER moving over time towards aspects of ailments, build, features, jewellery, hair styles, gait, the list really is vast.

A wealth of SPECIFIC information can be provided once our attention is drawn to anything we notice being attempted around us:

Physical ailments Feeling pain, being drawn to a specific area, changes in our breathing
Physical build Bigger, smaller, slimmer, fatter, age
Skin details Tattoos, scars, burns, numbness, missing parts, piercings
Items being worn Rings, jewellery, hats
Passing conditions Pains, sudden, quick, dizziness, falls, impacts
Hair Style, length, thickness
Mannerisms movements, patterns, gait
Hands Creams, rings, damage, age, joints
The Mouth Gums, false teeth, missing teeth, whistles when speaking
Habits Smoking gestures, hand movements
The Face So many details and such a sensitive area

The potential is immense. What can start as a very gentle tingle or thought when given the right attention can build into a wealth of information. A tiny numbing of the tongue can develop into a lisp, a tiny build of energy in the front of the teeth can develop into a whistle, and attention drawn to any area will have a purpose.

With that sound starting point those subtle differences become more noticeable and the quality of our Mediumship improves. I’m sure we miss at times information that the Spirit World brings to us so the more we know about US the less chance there is of something important slipping past un-noticed!

The preparation you make now has an immeasurable benefit as the quality of your information to a sitter moves their conception from “I think my loved one was present” to “I KNOW my loved one was present”!

If you find this document helpful please feel free to share it out and about or visit the original post which includes an image on my site over at

Thank you for taking the time to read this. It’s my first post over here so I hope it is of interest.


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