Pets in heaven

Pets in heaven

Lessons from spirit about the afterlife.

Do the spirits of earthly pets accompany their earthly masters in heaven?

There is an animal heaven as well as a being heaven. When on earth a human has shared a deep loving relationship with a beloved pet and that pet has crossed over before that human, it is always there to greet them. No matter how many they were, they will be there to greet them and help them acclimate to this new spirit life. If a human crosses over before their pet does, they too will be there to help greet and welcome the spirit soul of this beloved animal companion.

But after the greeting may take place, do the pets live with their masters for long periods in heaven?

No, they do not. They have their own place in heaven and their own evolution that they are experiencing about lessons they learned on earth and they too choose to evolve and when they reincarnate back on earth as pets how they will become even more loving and more connected to their humans. Because a spirit soul vibrates at a much higher level of energy the love and companionship shared with its animals will always be felt as well as the love and companionship that is shared with other humans as well.

After a pet who has crossed over has moved to its final animal location, can the previous human owner who has also crossed over continue to see that pet?

This is so, yes. It is seen in the spirit world as the unconditional love it provided the human on earth and is seen with thankfulness and gratefulness from the human spirit to the animal spirit. This does not mean they continue the same relationship they had as they were on earth but there is a connection that will always be there just as there is with your humans.

Do sometimes spirits in family groups go visit the pet that they may have had on earth when they are in heaven?

Again this is a question that is stuck in the three-dimensional life. It is not necessary for a family group member to move in the respect of going and visiting the animal kingdom. Nor is it necessary for the animal to leave the animal kingdom to come and visit. That is the best we can say to you at this time for it is very difficult to explain to you how energy vibrates at a level much higher and much differently than the three-dimensional level you are so much accustomed to being a part of.

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  1. I have experienced that often the Souls that are now in the bodies of our cats have ALWAYS been with me throughout our lives. Including them being in human bodies. My cats are my SOUL MATES, not other humans. I will always be with my precious. SOUL MATES….as cats or other animals or even humans.

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