The Afterlife 101

The Afterlife 101

The following paragraphs are taken from the book “Afterlife101”. The answers have been channeled through a medium via their spirit guide.

Arrival in the Spirit Home

Once a spirit has crossed over into heaven, it has been met by loved ones, has gone through a life review, and then moves to its spirit home. And with individuals of that consciousness, for that is where your spirit home is–that is where you are as a form of spirit energy, living with other spirit energies of the same consciousness, of the same like mind and thought that you carry as a spirit. Not as you carried as a human but as you carry as a spirit. You are a form of energy that interacts with other energies within your spirit home, not all the time and often you are in your spirit home with your own spirit guides. But you still have interaction with other spirits there. It is not an interaction that you think of like on earth, playing cards or eating together or shopping together or enjoying something together; it is an energy that is communicated without words but with the knowing, an energy that in heaven–the most important thing to it–seeks to find a higher level of its connection with God the Oneness.

Though you have the opportunity to revisit earth with the pleasures that you would have like to have seen, in an energy form such as your late wife wanting to enjoy Disneyland at some point, or as an individual who cares to be with their most current life family during holidays that you are about to approach, you can move in the energy that you are into experiencing those life experiences on earth with those that you continue to love. Generally, though, after you have been transformed from human to spirit you begin to more and more expand your energies, more into your spirit life than into what your human life was. You have the ability to oftentimes help protect your loved ones on earth, but generally when their life is being threatened, their guardian angel is there to help with any type of protection required. But you can always help assist in warning or providing a safer means as an outcome for those who that you have loved. Many times this will happen and you often on earth will wonder about how did that not happen and never realize that a loved one from the other side was helping to protect you. As you were in your spirit family, as we mentioned, you do have connections with them, you have an interaction with them, you help support each and every person within your spirit family.

In your spirit family, energies of only supporting and loving and caring and teaching will be energies that you will experience, for you have left your earth energies and emotions behind and so you do not have to experience fear and hate. And therefore you support each other without judgment and with only trust and love. Within your spirit family you all are essentially at a consciousness level that is equivalent to all others within your spirit family, and so you are all working at the same level of energy.

Changes in one’s spirit family

Spirit families can change somewhat and the reason that they change is because there will be spirits within your spirit family who will have chosen not to evolve to move on. There will be new family members who come into your family because they were able to evolve and move much faster into your group through their actions and spiritual evolution and the life lessons they learned in this most recent reincarnation. There will be spirits in your spirit family who have moved on because their lessons and spiritual evolution was so much more powerful and so much more acknowledged that they are able to move on. The grouping that you are with generally is the one you always will be with except for these cases that we have just discussed.

As a person on earth chooses–as a spirit before it chooses to reincarnate as an earth being–they do not always know how extreme some of the lessons they are going to have on earth will be and that their status with their spirit family will be changing. But when this does happen and they make their crossing over they do not feel a sense of loss or feel a sense of abandonment. They embrace the changes that take place both for themselves and for their other spirit family members.

Spirit family and earth family

Not all of your earth family members are a part of your spirit family. This is a misconception that has been shown to individuals on earth so that they are just willing to have an understanding of how life does continue. You never feel alone when you return to your spirit life for your are met often by past family members in your most recent human life. Many of those family members will not be in your spirit family. But they are there because you still have your earth connection and they are there to greet you. You feel an even stronger sense of coming home and family once you are fully reunited with your spirit family. As a spirit family many of the same things are true in your spirit life as they were in your human life. You are able to see how your spirit family members have evolved and progressed as you have and but that many of you learned many of the earth life lessons that you were to learn when you made this most recent past life experience happen. After an individual is initially greeted by all loved ones and they have gone through their life review and they then move into their spirit family you begin to see a changing of the energies that are surrounding you.

A sense of being home

We are now going to talk about the general interaction that happens with an individual that has now moved into their complete spirit life with their spirit family even though it is still just the beginning of their spiritual transformation. One has a tremendous sense of being home, a sense of fulfillment and completeness that one did not allow themselves to experience upon earth but could have if they were willing to see beyond the three-dimensional energies of earth life.

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